Exposed: 5 methods to create game loop: which is the best?

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What is the best method to create a game loop?

I created a small experiment comparing 5 different animation methods.

The results, along with code samples and test screenshots are summarized in this document:

5 Game Loops in Silverlight: Which is the best? (PDF)

5 Game Loops in Silverlight: Which is the best? (DOCX)

Sample test app (requires reading the document above to understand the setup):

This is part of the test app startup screen before measurements begin:


Contents of the doc:
What Are Some Things Important For A Game?
Why Are We Discussing Game Loops?
Test Setup
Test Results
MaxFrameRate Unset (Defaults to 60):
Analysis of the 60 FPS default case:
Analysis of the 300 FPS case:
Additional Tips
Quick Comparison Chart
Summary & Conclusion


I hope this will shed some light on Silverlight game loop that several people on this blog asked so far!

Please let me know what you think!