Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Is Released!!!

Oh, yes! :)

Install tools and runtime from here:

There are so many improvements in the new beta. List of new features is here:

Here is a list of a subset of just the major feature improvements that I like best: 

· Controls are now in the runtime. This means that the typical application that I'd create drops down from 1.6MB to 922K or from 430K to 130K (these are actual real-life numbers)

· Animation: animating structs

· DeepZoom: new XML based file format

· Controls

o  TabControl

o  DataGrid performance

o Calendar improvements (selection etc)

o Templates: new and improved model

· Fullscreen gaming: support for arrow keys, home, end, pageup/down, esc, space, Enter. Congratulations to full screen gamers!

· Networking: Sockets cross-domain support, webclient upload support.

· Easier Web services: better configuration support

· Media: Adaptive Streaming. this thing ROCKS!! I'll soon have a sample to show it off.

· Better WPF compatibility


And I haven't even mentioned the localization, linq, and many other improvements! (look at that link above for complete list)