This Blog Has Moved - Update your links to

I'm very happy to announce that I'm moving this blog to

Click here to visit the new blog:

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In the last few weeks I was quetly posting in the new blog on in order to entice people to move there :)

What do you get in the new blog:

  • New posts not posted at the old one:

The Cool Windows 7 Selection Done in WPF/Silverlight - what it reads :)

WPF/Silverlight Tutorials From My Previous Blog - these are all posts that I consider interesting from this blog, grouped by topic (e.g. Gaming, Design/Effects, Controls, Whitepapers, Beginner Samples, Web Services/Authentication and Tips)

Two Ways to Create High-Quality Glassy Controls in XAML

  • more various (hopefully interesting) content now that the blog is not associated with
  • similar topics as the old blog (I haven't changed :))

If anyone other than me cares: why the blog move?

  • allows for better site integration, now running my own version of - check that blog engine out, it's cool!
  • I have more control over the blog (e.g. can do Silverlight integration better)
  • better content, because I can now attach more pictures, etc to the blog (there was a system limitation with
  • last but not least, I can talk about more topics that interest me since the blog is no longer directly associated with you'll find them useful!

Still figuring out few tweaks with themes...but everything is up and functional.

Blog Engine is great - it took < 10 minutes to set up! amazing...


Goodbye here and Hi there! :)