Announcing TouchDevelop v3.1: Bluetooth, pin to start, Radio, debugger, profiler, insights, tutorials, videos

The TouchDevelop team is excited to announce that the latest update of the TouchDevelop app is now available.

We’d like to thank all of our beta testers – we considered all of your feedback and suggestions when we prepared this update.

TouchDevelop v3.1 for Windows Phone brings back an easy way to pin your scripts to the start screen, and it also enables cycle tiles so that you can show different pictures. The update introduces support for certain Bluetooth protocols, and it brings back support for radio APIs on supported phones. It also bundles many improvements that were already available in the TouchDevelop web app, including a debugger, a profiler, tons of new tutorials and videos.

If you have a Windows Phone 8 device then you can install the latest version from the Windows Phone Store. (This update is only available on Windows Phone 8 devices. Devices running a Windows Phone 7.x OS can continue to use TouchDevelop v2.11.)

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Pin to start

image We brought back an easy-to-use button that enables you to pin any installed script to your start screen.

You can also use one of the following new APIs in your code to have a custom tile show a single picture, rotate between several images, and more.


image You can now enumerate all paired Bluetooth devices, connect to them, and exchange data with them using the RFCOMM protocol. Learn more…

This protocol is supported by many different Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. But whatever particular device you have, you must first find information about the data packets that it can send and receive in order to make sense out of the Bluetooth API.

We created some example scripts around the Sphero ball that understands navigation commands via Bluetooth to move around. Check out the following scripts to learn how to use Bluetooth:

Or simply look out for the Sphero tutorial template when you tap on the Create Script button in the hub.

Radio support

Radio support is back. We dropped it temporarily as early versions of Windows Phone 8 didn’t expose the radio functionality. All radio APIs are now available again on some phones running Windows Phone 8.0.10327.77 or 8.0.10328.78 or better.

Debugger, profiler, insights

pictureYou might have already seen the integrated debugger, profiler, and the crowd-sourced runtime insights in the Web App; all these features are now included in the TouchDevelop app for Windows Phone 8.

Tutorials, videos

image If you are not yet a professional TouchDevelop programmer, then you might pick up something new in the many tutorials and videos that are now available.


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