Pex 0.18 Released: New Tutorials, Moles work with Visual Studio 2010

We just released a maintenance update of Pex. Together with this release come new tutorials, and support for Moles in Visual Studio 2010. As usual, this release also contains a number of bug fixes and small feature improvements, most of which address your suggestions from the Pex forum and bug reports sent to

New Tutorials: Stubs and Moles, and Unit Testing SharePoint with Pex

If you felt that you didn’t know how to get started with Stubs, Moles, and Pex, then you will like the following two tutorials. They are bundled in the Pex installer, and you can also get them from our website:

Moles for Visual Studio 2010

The [HostType(Pex)] attribute, which is required to execute generated, or hand-written parameter-less test cases that Moles, now also works with unit tests in Visual Studio 2010.

Breaking Changes

The code generation of Moles has changed again. This might mean that you will have to recompile your solution, and adapt all existing uses of Moles.