Sign in on, start earning medals

image Using Windows Liveā„¢ ID, you can now sign in to and get a personalized experience. After signing in, the Pex for fun website will track how many Coding Duels you tried to win, eventually won, and which ones you created yourself. Pex for fun also remembers the last program text you wrote for any particular Coding Duel.

My Duels

image After signing in, you will see a new My Duels button. It opens up a menu, with lists of all Coding Duels you started in the past, which ones you already won, and which ones you created yourself. Each Coding Duel is actually a link. Click on any Coding Duel link to resume with the last program text you wrote for a particular Coding Duel. That means that you no longer have to solve a Coding Duel in one sitting, but you continue working on it later.

Pex for fun now has more than fifty built-in Coding Duels for you to win!


imageAfter signing in, you can earn virtual medals for winning Coding Duels. You get the first medal for winning any five of the Coding Duels that are built into the Pex for fun website. You get the second medal for winning another 20 of the built-in Coding Duels. We are still working out the details of how you can get even more medals in the future.

Other Changes

We renamed some buttons: Show Another Puzzle is now Random Puzzle, Permalink This Puzzle is now Permalink, and there is a convenient New button, which makes it easy to start writing your own puzzle.