TouchStudio Update v1.1 beta: accelerometer, location, maps, charting, screenshots, …

TouchStudio99x99Today, the TouchStudio team is happy to announce the first update of the TouchStudio app for Windows Phone 7.

You can install the latest version directly via Zune.

Follow TouchStudio on Facebook to stay up to date., location, maps, translation services, web search, tile customization, charting, and more…

The new version, v1.1 beta, contains not only many bug fixes, but also improvements in the expression editor: when you insert a call to an action, the expression editor now tries really hard to automatically fill in good default parameter values, for instance a reference to an already existing picture you created earlier in the script, or a particular color.

You wanted access to more sensors of the phone, so we added that: You can now query the accelerometer, which enables fun games. You can also access the current location of your phone, and combine it with Bing maps and query location descriptions.

Besides Bing maps, there are now more APIs to easily search the web, and use translation services.

If you want to chart a math function, you can now use the built-in charting functionality.

Many of you want to pin your scripts to the Start screen of your Windows Phone 7. Well, that is not possible yet, but we already added many ways to customize your script tiles in the TouchStudio script screen: set your own background color, picture, and counter.

Browse through the many samples to discover how to use the new APIs.

Your own Screenshotsplotsinecodescreenshot

You want to share your scripts with other people. As a first step in that direction, we added the ability to take screenshots of your actions (if you want to show other people your code), and the execution wall.

Look for the new screenshot buttons under the “…” in the application bar at the bottom.

Click here for more details.

Release Notes

See the Release Notes for details of the new APIs, and also a list of breaking API changes.