Useful Windows Phone 7 resources for developers

Please find below a collection of useful Win Phone 7 resources fro developers:


  • Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Windows Phone 7 Developers Tools which includes Visual Studio Express 2010 for Windows Phone, Windows Phone Emulator, Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone, and XNA Game Studio 4.0.
    • Visual Studio Express 2010 and Expression Bled 4 will only be installed if you do not already have them installed.
    • If you have previously installed the Beta Tools, you will have to uninstall it before installing the final tools. Note that the installation may take some time. Leave the installation running, it will eventually complete.
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit
  • OData Client Library for Windows Phone 7 (The one currently available is from March 2010)
  • Mo controls, mo controls, mo controls... [Announcing the second release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit!] by Delay. In particular:


ListPicker popup sample

LongListSelector LongListSelector movies sample LongListSelector people sample
TransitionFrame (and Transitions) TransitionFrame sample


AutoCompleteBox sample