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Get the latest dev tools

Two weeks ago we released an update to the Windows Phone 7 Developer tools available here. The update provides:

  • A new Bing Maps Control that improves map performance during user gestures
  • The Capability Detection Tool, which scans your application and reports on detected phone capabilities that will be applied during ingestion to marketplace.
  • The WP Connect Tool, with which you can create a connection between the Windows Phone and your PC without requiring Zune to be running, so you can debug media APIs.

More information on the Capability Detection Tool is available here, and details on the WP Connect Tool are here. The update requires that you have the Windows Phone Developer Tools installed and that language/locale of the update and developer tools match. Be sure to use this new updated toolset to when submitting your apps to Marketplace

Earn More Money with Advertising
Today, Microsoft begins serving live ads to Windows Phone 7 apps with the new bidded, Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile, where multiple ad sales channels compete in real-time to purchase your ad inventory. Microsoft Advertising's best-in-class ad targeting for its in-app ad solution provides better monetization opportunities including higher click-through rates, easy integration of ads into your apps, and actionable reporting on how ads and apps are performing.
If you are a US-based developer targeting the US market click here to visit Microsoft Advertising pubCenter and get started with the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7

Try Free Analytics
On November 2nd, Microsoft announced a new partnership with PreEmptive Solutions to offer a free trial of Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone. This application analytics solution offers a variety of insights into real-world usage of your applications and answers questions like "how often is my app run," "what features in my application are the most popular," or "how many users have installed my app?"
Click here to sign-up and start using Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone. It's free to developers through March 31st, 2011 and setting up your application for analytics takes less than 10 minutes.