Exchange 2016 Resources

Below are a few articles and bits from the web that I have been using to get up to speed on some of the concepts in Exchange 2016.  By no means is this list exhaustive and make sure to check TechNet and the Exchange team blog for updates :)

Bits from the Web:

What's new in Exchange 2016

Exchange 2016 TechNet

Exchange Server 2016: Forged in the cloud. Now available on-premises.


New Zealand Ignite 2015

Deploying Exchange Server 2016

Learn how to deploy Exchange Server 2016 or Exchange Server 2013 on-premises into existing deployments of Exchange. The session includes real-world best practices and first-hand feedback.

Exchange Server Preferred Architecture

This session reviews the preferred architecture for deploying Exchange Server. These principles apply to both Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2016 due later this year. Learn how the building block architecture is intended to be designed for your organization and the principles behind the recommendations. This session covers the new server architecture in detail. This session allows you to gain deep understanding of the Exchange Server 2013 and 2016 architecture and is a "must-attend" session to begin your own design.

Exchange Server High Availability and Site Resilience

This session covers Microsoft's best practices, requirements and recommendations for deploying on-premises Exchange servers (2013/2016) in a highly-available and site resilient configuration. It also includes guidance for using an Azure IaaS virtual machine as a third datacenter to enable datacenter failover scenarios

Office Mechanics Videos on Channel 9:

Exchange Server 2016 & Outlook on the go - Mobile, browser and productivity updates

In this short demo, Allen Filush from the Outlook team walks through updated Outlook experiences in the browser to view media while working in email and integrated Outlook 2016 experiences on the desktop.

Exchange Server 2016 demo - Collaboration updates

In this 3-minute demo, Rebecca Lawler from the Exchange engineering team shows how to easily attach files stored in SharePoint. She demonstrates new capabilities to edit documents and respond to the conversations from the same view in Outlook on the web.  And she explains the two infrastructure options you can use to deploy document collaboration with Exchange Server 2016.

Exchange Server 2016 - Performance, architecture and compliance updates

Exchange Server 2016 takes what was learned running Exchange Online at scale to improve performance and reliability for on-premises Exchange infrastructure. In this short demo, Greg Taylor from Exchange engineering explains how the team has simplified the Exchange Server architecture and roles, what Exchange 2016 does to prevent and recover from data corruption and he provides an update on how Exchange can leverage cloud services for enhanced protection.

Exchange Server 2016 Smarter Inbox - Search and customization updates

In this 3-minute demo, Jason Henderson from the Exchange engineering team highlights search enhancements to provide faster and more complete results – even when searching your calendar. He also walks through updates to the extensibility platform, including the add-ins marketplace that connects your inbox to 3rd party and in-house services to help you work more effectively.

Exchange Team Blog

Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator Update (Includes Exchange 2016)

The all powerful calculator!  No introduction necessary for this :)

Ask the Perf Guy: Sizing Exchange 2016 Deployments

Start your sizing journey by reading this post.

The Exchange 2016 Preferred Architecture

The preferred architecture is there to help you understand how to optimise your deployment of Exchange 2016 by utilising good practice direct from the Engineering Team.

Load Balancing in Exchange 2016

Always a favourite topic for an Exchange PFE and customers.