Update on Windows 7 ship date Office 2010 Tech Preview and Hyper-V Processor Compatibility Mode with Live Migration

This week, TechEd North America is happening up in LA, in this mornings keynote Bill Veghte announced that Windows 7 is on track to be available for the “holiday season” that means before Christmas for us here in NZ.  

and from Engineering Windows 7 blog:

If the feedback and telemetry on Windows 7 match our expectations then we will enter the final phases of the RTM process in about 3 months.  

You can check out the TechEd keynote videos at TechEd Online

Also today at TechEd we announced attendees will get an opportunity to participate in the invitation-only Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview programme in July 2009. Check out http://www.office2010themovie.com and if you’re interested, join the waitlist for the Tech Preview. More info on the Office 2010 blog. Win7 office2010

We also announced 64 Logical Processor support in Hyper-V R2 (up from the original plan of shipping 32 way support)  64 is totally feasible in the foreseeable future with 4 core CPUs mainstream, 6 core out and 8 core coming shortly, an 8 way 8 core machine with 64 cores total. Hyper-V R2 RC also supports Processor Compatibility Mode to Live Migrate between different processors classes, more info on the Windows Server blog, AMD have posted a Live Migration demo, what is different about this, is that they do this across CPU families using Compatibility Mode.

SCVMM R2 will also have a release candidate in about a month. It has support for live migration, Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV), and hot add/remove of storage. SCVMM R2 RC includes:

  • Storage Migration
  • Queuing of Live migrations
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Host compatibility checks
  • Support for 3rd party CFS
  • Support for Veritas Volume Manager

For more info check out SCVMM 2008 R2.