1TB External USB HDD for $100

NewEgg, 1TB External HDD, 22-111-019-11, SmallI was just browsing my favorite computer supplier, newegg.com, when I came across this awesome deal.  It is a 1 TB "Hammer Storage" USB 2.0 external drive.  Sure it's not a major brand and the $100 is after a $20 mail-in rebate, but hey, what an amazing deal.


Last night I was browsing for a 1TB drive for my HP EX470 Windows Home Server (WHS) (love the server!), and this is just perfect… just plug it into the redundant storage system and get an extra 1TB in the storage pool.  Long warranty, high speed, etc aren't a requirement in my case where I'm mostly backing up pictures, music, etc on an already redundant pool.  In fact, that's one of the beauties of using WHS, if a drive goes bad, no big deal, just hot-swap it.

BTW, I was at Fry's Electronics yesterday and was impressed with the $160 1TB external they had on sale there, then was impressed with the $120 internal 1TB drives on newegg.com, but this takes the cake.  External drives are usually more than internal. 

Of last note, I've had perfect success with newegg.com rebates.  The enclosure doesn't have a fan, but that's one of the reasons it is so quite and my best external drives at home don't have fans either.