Boycott Starbucks, Support Tully's

Hate Starbucks Simply put, Starbucks charges for their wireless Internet access, Tully's is completely free.  I'm not a big coffee drinker (my drink: grande soy mocha 1-shot decaf w/ whip) but I hear from my Seattlites that Tully's coffee is better too.  If you're not familiar with Tully's, they are probably the #2 coffee chain in the area, much like Starbucks in appearance, but a world better in terms of of service w/ free wifi.  If there were fewer Starbucks, there'd be more Tully's, and hence more free wifi.  If there isn't a Tully's close by, support your local coffee shops w/ free wifi.  See more on locating a Free Wifi Spot

Tully's Coffee Has Free WiFi Internet


Update: Blake Handler (blog) sent me notice that Starbucks recently announced they are going to be switching internet providers from T-Mobile to AT&T and providing two hours of free Internet access with purchase.  It's about time!  (article)