Hang'n at the VSIP Conference

VSX - Visual Studio Extensibility Logo The Visual Studio Industry Partners conference is going on right at the Redmond Marriott hotel in Redmond, WA (close to the MS main campus).  It's a time when we get to interact with partners who are creating addins and packages for VS (like ReSharper & CodeRush).  We're talking about new technologies, VS futures (my team), getting to answer tough integration questions, etc.  It's a lot of fun!

Yesterday Jamie Cansdale, author of TestDriven.NET, grabbed me.  He's famous in the VSIP space for 1. making a great product and 2. having a legal run-in w/ MS for extending the Express SKUs.  He tells me all that hubbub is behind now and he's focusing full time on his great product.  He showed me a cool quick demo w/ TestDriven.NET in which he:TestDriven.NET Logo

  1. Creates a new console application
  2. Wrote one line of code in the Main function
  3. Right-click in the method, choose "Test With", and actually target (run under) the Silverlight runtime, Mono runtime, Debugger, In-Proc, NCover, as well as several others.  WAY cool!

I'm downloading the latest drop right now.  Don't know about you, but I write a lot of quick little bits of code that I just want to run and try out.  Awhile back I published a custom project template for helping with this, but this is even better since you can run any method adhoc.

Writing plugins for VS is a fun, free, and actually relatively quick and easy.  I wrote my first addin, a Search Work Items VS addin for Team System, in about two hours (mostly reading time).  Check out the VS Extensibility Dev Center, download the VS 2005 SDK or VS 2008 SDK.