You know you're in Texas when...

Texas Native Plates Being a native born Texan now living in Seattle for almost four years, every time I go back to TX I'm amazed at the little Texan details I never noticed before.  I'm visiting the in-laws for two weeks over the Christmas holidays in Spring TX (just outside Houston).  Since being down I've noticed so many little things unique to Texas (or the south in general probably), that inspired this list...

My wife says I'm "more Texan than I was back in TX."  It wouldn't be because now I wear boots to work, have a Texas flag the size of the wall in my office, pass out flags to celebrate Texas Independence Day, or would it?

You know you're in Texas when... (these are real!)

  • It is the mid of winter and the AC is running
  • Mosquitos are biting at Christmas
  • Every other block there is either an adult novelty toy store, BBQ restaurant, dollar store, or church
  • Saying "Merry Christmas" is the standard greeting this time of the year (not "Happy Holidays")
  • While driving along, every fifth sign or so has a Texas flag or "Texas" in the name of the store
  • A building has three huge flag poles several stories high, with one USA flag and two Texas flags
  • You pass big corporate buildings having signs in front with their names, like "BJ Services" and "BLO Industries"
  • It's bright, sunny, short sleeve weather one day, and it's snowing the next day
  • The women are amazingly beautiful
  • texas-flag-bigThe vehicles are HUGE
  • There is no such thing as a "Compact" parking spot
  • There's a big bronze statue of President George H.W. Bush (senior) in a prominent location at the airport
  • Your in-laws invite you to BBQ in the country at their place next to George W. Bush's land where they get together w/ the President occasionally when he is visiting his Texas home
  • The Chinese buffet is practically a palace, almost twice as large as most hotels' main floor, w/ sitting for hundreds
  • Every place you go you can see people wearing shirts or caps for Texas A&M or the University of Texas
  • The Mexican food is gooood.  The BBQ is gooood.  Shoot, all the food is gooood.
  • The best ice cream in the nation, Blue Bell, is sold for $3.44 for a 1/2 gallon
  • Bluegrass music bands can be found playing in your favorite BBQ joints
  • It seems most of the younger population plays some kind of instrument
  • My father-in-law fills up with gasoline every three days just going to work (aka Texas is big)
  • Restaurant servers say "Yes ma'am" and "No sir"
  • Brewed iced tea is available at any restaurant
  • A good "night out" is going country western dancing
  • 1/3 the FM radio stations are country music
  • Another 1/3 are classical music, oldies, or rap
  • 80% of the AM stations are in Spanish
  • Gas is $2.67 / gallon

Got any more??  :)