Visual Studio Gallery extensions unpublished

Just FYI for anybody that has visited the Visual Studio Gallery (very) recently:

All extensions have been unpublished in preparation for the RC coming out (there will be some incompatibilities, so the gallery automatically unpublishes between pre-release versions of the product). This means that you can't download anything from either the website or from the Extension Manager in Visual Studio directly.

So, if you were bit by this while navigating from a link on my blog, sit tight; I'll get things updated pretty soon once the RC is released. Until then, any links from this blog that point to the gallery will end up at a page telling you that the extension you are looking for hasn't been published yet.

Sorry for any inconvenience. In the meantime, if you really need something from one of my extensions, hit up my github page, download the extension you want, and rebuild it against Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (with the SDK installed). I haven't updated anything on github yet for the RC, so the tip version of that code will continue to work against Beta 2 (for the time being). When I do update to the RC, I'll change the version numbers to be 2.* (instead of 1.* or 0.*), so you'll still be able to build versions of my extensions that work against Beta 2 by downloading earlier versions and building them yourself.