We Need Your XPERF Feedback



This is Tate asking for your direct and valuable feedback on XPerf (The Windows Performance Toolkit). We are knee deep in working with the creators of the tool (The Windows Fundamentals Team) to provide end user feedback which will drive features for the next version. Now that you as our readers have seen several blog posts on the utility and hopefully have used it for a few of your own debugs, what would you like to see in terms of new features, fixes, data collection steps, etc?


Particular areas of interest to the team are:


- Data Collection – easy or difficult, what would you change?

- Usage Scenarios – stack walking is powerful, what would you like the tool to expose that it does not?

- Any blocking factors keeping you from using the toolkit, what are they, how could we remedy that for you?

- Data Analysis – what would make your life as a debugger using the toolkit better?


Please send us your feedback below and thanks in advance.