You're Invited: Cloud OS Executive Luncheon - A Voce, February 6, 2014

We know that you face a diverse set of challenges every day. Beyond simply keeping everything up and running, technology trends are transforming the way business is done, and you need to respond strategically to these growing challenges. Are you responding to demands from the business fast enough? Are you prepared to tap into the power of big data—even integrate it with your own to uncover business insights and gain a competitive edge? With 95% of employees reporting that they use personal devices for work, are you protecting all of your company’s information assets? Do you effectively manage the entire lifecycle of all of the applications being built and deployed across your enterprise?

At Microsoft, we’ve brought together unparalleled engineering talent and cloud-services experience to develop unique solutions to help you turn these challenges into opportunities—solutions that grow out of our Cloud OS vision of the modern platform for the world’s apps.

Please join us for an interactive Cloud OS Executive Luncheon and learn how to:

· Transform your datacenter to easily leverage the power of the hybrid cloud, reduce costs and complexity, and respond to the needs of your business more rapidly.

· Unlock insights on any data to maximize the value of analytics to your business and reduce the time it takes to turn raw data into insight and action.

· Empower People-centric IT to enable each person you support to work virtually from anywhere on PCs and devices of their choice, while retaining an easy, consistent and secure way to manage it all.

· Enable modern business apps with Microsoft tools and cloud services that you can use to rapidly build, test, and deploy modern, secure and always-available business applications.

Register now to reserve your place. We look forward to hosting you.