Impact of Daylight Saving Changes on Office Outlook Calendar Items

Exchange Calendar Update Tool

Note: This tool is currently in Beta, please read the KB article before using this tool.

The Exchange Calendar Update Tool, described in (KB941018) can be used to automate the adjustment of calendar items in a Microsoft Exchange Server environment.

Vista & Outlook 2003 Users

Important Update: If you run Outlook 2003 on Windows Vista you will need to rebase your calendar twice. Once before September 30th and the on or after January 1 2008, this applies for users where their mailboxes home timezone is New Zealand.

Manual Adjustment of Appointments

For older versions of Microsoft Outlook or if tools are not available for automatic adjustment, appointments which fall between the old and new daylight saving transition times can be checked and adjusted manually. It is suggested that a hard copy of the calendar for the entire new daylight saving period is made prior to applying a Windows time zone update so that the original times for appointments can be checked.

A second alternative to using the Time Zone Data Update Tool is to export appointments in the daylight saving period to a .csv file before applying the Windows time zone update. Delete the appointments in the daylight saving period, then re-import them