Are You using DemoMate?

If any of you have been on the Demo2Win courses we’ve run occasionally at Microsoft, you will know that the BEST way to demonstrate our Dynamics products to a prospect is to do a customised demo – with their items, customers, vendors etc., demonstrating one of THEIR business processes.

However, there are times when you want to do a more “standard” demonstration – such as a presentation to a group of customers. This is where DemoMate comes in.

PartnerSource is full of DemoMate demos that you can try. You download the .exe file, and run it – this installs a version of DemoMate on your computer and the demo. This enables you to run the demo, or present it. What is ULTRA cool is that if you have an external screen (projector etc) you can run it in dual screen training mode – where the external screen shows the full screen demo, but on your laptop you see the script and the place where next to click on the screen. Very VERY useful, especially if you don’t know the demo particularly well. And to your audience – it can look as if you are really doing it all in Microsoft Dynamics – even the “hover” over buttons can be shown.

The huge benefit DemoMate gives you for these sorts of presentations is that you don’t have to pray to the demo gods for them to be watching over you – no technology hitches, everything just works. No delays waiting for a screen to load. Power point slides can even be included – which is where your Demo2Win training can come into place – so you can insert these to group your demo into logical sections, and keep the audience on track as to where they are – and highlight the benefits. You can add backing music and audio commentary. Think about when you’re at an exhibition – you could have a demonstration running by itself on a screen…

You, as a Dynamics partner, can get your own license to make your own demos as well, for only US$199.99 per year. And more DemoMate demos get added to PartnerSource all the time – there are over 50 there already that you could use – to show to people or to help yourself learn new functionality!

So I urge you to give DemoMate a try. Check out these cool examples!

Links to all the DemoMates created by the product teams are shown on this page.

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