Dynamics AX NZ Courses Coming Up..

Hi everyone

If you are interested in attending the following training courses, please send me an email directly.  These are the courses I'm going to run in the next half year for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.  Attendance is open to partners and customers - though customers should be aware that this is the STANDARD course, there may be some areas that are not relevent to their business.  The courses are planned to be held at Microsoft New Zealand's office in Auckland.  Cost for attending these are $250 per person per day, with the expectation that you download and print the appropriate training manuals from PartnerSource/CustomerSource,and also bring along a laptop with the Dynamics AX 2009 VPC image installed.  This is available also on PartnerSource and CustomerSource - you need to download, extract, and setup with Virtual PC 2007.  Attendees should also have either experience in Dynamics AX 2009 or have gone through the introduction course. 

* Master Planning (2 days) - Tuesday 31st August & Wednesday 1st September - registration closed

* Production I (2 days) - Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th September - registration closed.

* Production II (2 days) - Thursday 9th & Friday 10th September Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st September

* Finance I (3 days) - Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd November

* Finance II (2 days) - Thursday 4th & Friday 5th November

* Fixed Assets (2 days) - Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th November

For more information or to register to attend any of these courses, please contact me directly .  There are limited spaces available, so we suggest you book as soon as possible.

Please also note that Microsoft Australia are planning to run the Financials (October) and Trade & Logistics (December) streams also in this half year. Contact me if you want more details.