Dynamics NAV - BI Presentation, new DemoMate Demos

New BI Persona Presentation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

  “How do the BI capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics solutions actually generate business value?”

A new presentation helps to answer this question regarding our BI story. With this presentation you will be able to:

  • Illustrate, in a specific way, the business value of Dynamics BI on a role basis, by leveraging the familiar Persona model used by Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Describe clearly the connection between a BI Capability, the business insight it provides and the action or decision it drives
  • Go into detail by role using detailed speaker notes for each persona

Two New DemoMate Demos for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Check out the 2 new DemoMate demos, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - Reporting capabilities and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - ATP and CTP Order Promising features. They can be found on the Demo Tools and Materials page on Partner Source, together with other great resources.