Partner Academy Courses in June

By now I hope you have all received information about the courses we are running in June that are recommended by the Partner Academy. These are recommended as a pre-requisite for anyone who is going to sit the Sales or Presales certifications, or the Implementation Methodology.

See the Partner Academy for the details on the requirements for the presales role, the sales role (follow the New Sales option) and the project manager role.


The courses will be run in Auckland by trainers coming from overseas, at a special discount rate (we give you a discount code).


Since to have the "ERP Competency" or the "CRM Competency" means you need to have certified people - this is on top of the usual product certifications - then it's a great idea to go on these courses. This may be the only time they are run in New Zealand - certainly at this discounted rate.


For more information or if you haven't heard about these, please contact myself or Dirk. You know how!

Reposting this blog as it seems to have disappeared with the transition to the new blog layout.. apologies if you've already received this!