Announcement: Microsoft Teacher Academies, free online courses for teachers

Microsoft has published a set of new online courses called Microsoft Teacher Academies, which are available for FREE to teachers looking for training and professional development. The online courses are designed to empower educators with the ability to effectively integrate Microsoft's tools in teaching and learning. Courses help bring 21st century technology including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft OneNote, Skype for Business, and OneDrive into classrooms.

Each three-hour online course is interactive and provides education scenarios that cover topics from collaboration and communication, to organizing and preparing lessons, and increasing daily productivity.

Get started now by selecting one of the new Microsoft Teacher Academies online courses!

Teacher Academy: In the Cloud - File Storage, Collaboration and Communication with Office 365

The ability to effectively communicate is very more important. This course helps educators learn to: communicate using Outlook Online, use OneDrive for Business to store and share files, conduct online meetings, and communicate with students, their parents and colleagues using Skype for Business, and engage students' parents and other people in their network using Yammer.

Teacher Academy: The Ultimate Collaboration Tool - An Introduction to OneNote

OneNote is your digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across your devices. Jot down your ideas, keep track of classroom and meeting notes, clip from the web, and much more. The course guides educators to create digital notebooks and it demonstrates ways to enhance one's productivity by using different OneNote features, such as tagging, page templates, and drawing tools.

Teacher Academy: Get more out of Office Online and OneDrive

By having access to Office Online anytime, anywhere, educators and students are able to organize and prepare for projects using OneNote, build on each other's ideas and provide peer reviews using Word, collect ideas through the Excel Survey tool, and present their learning using PowerPoint; all within a collaborative space in OneDrive. 

Teacher Academy: Windows 8 - The World Is Your Classroom

Educators and students now have a seamless experience, whether using their Windows computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Windows 8 enables everyone to work and learn anywhere, anytime, anyway they like as the experience becomes personalized for the individual while making work easier and more productive. This course demonstrates Windows 8 and the powerful tools it offers; empowers educators to set up email, navigate the Windows 8 desktop; and work with charms, apps, and tiles.