Bud-e Reading joins the Windows education app family!

To welcome Bud-e Reading to the line-up of Windows apps for education, Microsoft and Bud-e are providing an exclusive offer for New Zealand schools!

Every school in New Zealand is eligible to receive a FREE version of the Bud-e Reading digital program until the end of 2015! To make the most of this special offer, download Bud-e Reading from the Windows Store. 

 What is Bud-e Reading?

Bud-e Reading is an app designed for junior students, aged 3-6 years, to aid in the development of literacy skills. Created by Jill Eggleton, a leading New Zealand literacy specialist, Bud-E Reading provides an exciting way to introduce reading and writing to young students.

How does Bud-e Reading work?

Bud-e takes children on a magical adventure through an exciting 3D world, with a delightful cast of characters that guide children along their literacy journey. This fantastic app provides the opportunity for young children to learn letter sounds, as well as read and write high frequency words. The program is taught though a series of educational games and original stores, poems and songs written by world renowned children’s author and literacy expert, Jill Eggleton.

Get started with Bud-e Reading today and empower your students to take their first steps to reading on their own.