Game based learning – what it is and why everyone is talking about it

Game based learning, commonly referred to as “gamification”, is predicted to take the education sector by storm as the awareness of 21st Century learning increases throughout the world. So what is this phenomenon? Game-based learning is a powerful new way of thinking for students.

When a child progresses through a game, they are learning; if they are actively engaged in the game, their minds are coming to understand a new system. Whether the game is for entertainment or serious purposes, this is true. So, when learning in the classroom feels dull for a student, they are not being engaged and motivated by the learning process. Learning is about acquiring the skills and thinking processes necessary to respond appropriately when under pressure.

What gamification gives our students is effective, interactive experiences that motivate their minds by actively involving them in the learning process.

Windows 8 has numerous learning based apps that are taking classrooms by storm. Among our favourites are Physamajig, which allows students to watch their own sketches be translated into realistic physics objects and Wordament, a very addictive word game, that provides a fun way to improve vocabulary.

This fantastic infographic created by Knewton, gives a very informative overview of game based learning. It is a great way to gain a basic understanding of a phenomenon you will be seeing a lot more of in 2013.