Have you tried Office Mix yet?

By now you may have heard of the Office Mix Customer Preview, which makes it simple to create online courses. Office Mix gives superpowers to PowerPoint lessons – it lets you record while you write and draw on them, add video, quizzes and labs, and store them in the cloud. You and other teachers can easily share their “mixed” lessons with students, who can play them on nearly any device. Teachers can also easily see results and analytics for every student, quiz, and slide. 

 Please ask your fellow teachers to:

1. GO

Head to the Gallery for some great inspiration. Watch how-tos, or learn about the electrifying Ohm’s Law, why Air is Squishy, or Rational Exponents


  1. If you need PowerPoint 2013, then download the free 180-day trial .
  2. Download and install the free Office Mix add-in from right here. (Note: sign in is required). 


Use an existing lesson, or create a new one. We’re looking for mixes across math, science, language arts, technology, art, and history, but what you create is completely up to you. After you’re done, upload your mix, share it, and please email us to tell us all about it!

If you have any questions, head over to the support forums or follow @OfficeMixTeam.