Helping educators get the most out of OneNote with

By now you have most likely heard about the revolutionary tool called OneNote which is taking the education world by storm! OneNote is an incredibly useful program for teachers and students alike. Here's just a few things that OneNote can do…


Educators can create digital notebooks that:

  • Save time by efficiently organising teaching files and information all in one place
  • Provide innovative ways to get information across to students
  • Easily place text, printouts, tables, ink, web clippings and files
  • Eliminate paper and printing


Students can use OneNote at any school level and subject to:

  • Carry out research
  • Collaborate with their class members, and effectively communicate
  • Learn how to manage information and note-take
  • Voice record important information in class


But, as teachers, how do you get the most out of OneNote?


There are a lot of tips & tricks available, but while these tools can be helpful they are not necessarily the most useful for teachers and classrooms. So, I'd like to introduce the page which has helpful instructional videos tailored specifically to teacher's needs!


Watch videos such as:

  • Enhancing productivity with OneNote
  • Delivering curriculum with OneNote
  • Creating interactive lessons with OneNote


These videos will help educators to use OneNote to its full potential in the classroom, to help students learn and make teacher's lives easier!