Mairangi Bay School Principal reviews his Surface RT experience


Bruce Warren, Principal at Auckland's Mairangi Bay School, recently took a Microsoft Surface RT with him on a two-week study tour of Korea. This recent article by Interface Magazine gives us a fantastic run down of his thoughts, feelings and experiences towards the device. But here's a few of Bruce's words:

"My first impressions were positive. I liked the design: the size; the black metal feel; the widescreen depth of colours; the realistic feel of the type cover keyboard; the weight; the kickstand; the preloaded Office software; and the easy connectivity to Wi-Fi, so that I could catch up on Facebook and email on the go."

"I used OneNote for organising all my notes and readings, and the angled rear camera easily captured presentation slides. I used my smartphone for photos and downloaded them via USB port. I could then use them in a PowerPoint presentation I delivered on the Surface connected via USB/ VGA to a projector."

"Many times I was pleased I had the Surface RT, as I would not have lugged my hefty laptop from the hotel to lectures. Other educators were equally impressed. Now that I’ve returned, I find I use it at home to browse the web, check email and Facebook updates. I could see it becoming a preferred device at our school by staff and students."

Don't forget, the Surface Offer for Education Institutions ends on the 30th September!

To remind you, this offer includes the following special pricing on Surface RT to New Zealand schools and higher education institutions, through Authorised Surface Retailers:

  • Surface RT (32GB) - RRP1 for the Offer NZ$294 (Standard RRP1 is $499)
  • Surface RT (32GB) with Touch Keyboard Cover - RRP1 for the Offer NZ$371 (Standard RRP1 is $649)
  • Surface RT (32GB) with Type Keyboard Cover - RRP1 for the Offer NZ$432 (Standard RRP1 is $698.99)

All the prices above include GST