Microsoft Devices and Services in Education: Usage Scenario 1 - Smart Art

Welcome to the first of a weekly blog series for August and September, where we will be providing you with introductory scenarios around 5 learning themes to help exploit the pedagogical value of Windows 8.1 Microsoft devices and Office 365. The purpose of these scenarios is hinged around how to encourage students to question, to research, to create, to organise and to collaborate/share. Tweet us your thoughts! @MSNZEducation.

Here's a snapshot of what's to come:

Usage Scenario 1 - "Question" - Smart Art

Aspect of Teaching and Learning Cycle:      

Design a template document in Word or PowerPoint using Smart Art to enable students to record their thinking and structure their thinking relating to an area of study or concept.This Smart Art template could be embedded within either PowerPoint or Word. You could use it to document student thinking and/or understanding before after or during the lesson or unit of work. The progression below shows how this idea can be introduced and developed so that eventually students can choose from a range of visual organisers available within Smart Art to assist the development of their Knowledge skills and understanding.To integrate the device, one template could require the student to use the on-board imaging hardware to insert images directly into the picture enabled Smart Art template.

Example of Learning Activity ContextBasic Radial Smart Art template example– What do you want to find out about?

A cross curricular tool to be used in all areas of learning, in particular for the introduction of project based learning.

Higher order thinking skill enabled* –Remembering (Recalling what they already know about a concept or unit of study), Applying (suggesting questions and a sequence for further study or enquiry), Evaluating (Reviewing what they have learned).

21st Century skill** enabled – Collaboration (Pair for review), Knowledge Construction (use of prior documented knowledge to formulate questions for further study), Use of ICT for learning (using imaging capability of hardware to complete task).

Microsoft Devices, Software & Services – Windows 8.1 devices (in particular Windows Surface Pro and RT – Partner 2in1 devices), Microsoft Word 2013 (Word Web App), Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (PowerPoint Web App) .

Staff skills required - Construct Word or PowerPoint file which has a Smart art template already adapted by the teacher with titles appropriate to the subject. Ability to add to, edit and format Smart Art.

More to come in the coming weeks!