New additions to Office Mix!


Office Mix is a wonderful educational tool for making traditional PowerPoint presentations more fun and engaging! With Office Mix you can:

  • Add voice, video and digital ink to your slides
  • Include polls, quizzes and interactive apps
  • Gain insights and analytics into who is viewing your lessons, and for how long
  • Enable students to playback the lesson on any device

The Office Mix team are always looking for ways to improve the tool. This is why they've made a few additions to Office Mix to make it even more effective for use in the classroom!

Slide Notes

One of the most important aspects of delivering an effective presentation is being adequately prepared and knowledgeable enough to adapt on-the-fly. Slide Notes acts as a teleprompter when you are recording a mix, so you don't have to worry about memorising and remembering your key points! When you click the MIX tab in the PowerPoint ribbon, and then click the Record button, the recording view will open and the Slide Notes translucent text box is displayed at the top of your screen. Your presentation will have smoother transitions, and you’ll record in fewer attempts!

Closed Captioning

The Mix team are excited to announce the addition of closed captioning for Office Mix! With closed captioning, you now have the ability to personalize your Office Mix experience to make it easier to see, hear, and use. Beyond supporting those who are hearing-impaired, closed captioning can supplement audio that is hard to understand. Additionally, captions can be used as a tool for those learning to read or by individuals who simply like to read a transcript along with the presentation. Closed captioning means your students can interact with a Mix in the way that is easiest for them! It also means students can watch a Mix wherever they are - even if they are in a busy and loud location such as on the bus or at the park. Closed captioning can be effective in reinforcing key points or to improve your audience’s comprehension of the material.

To add closed captioning to a mix, ensure you check the box to create a video when uploading a mix. Then, download the video and utilize a third-party service to create the TTML file from your video. Once your TTML file is ready, go to your mix details, select the Upload TTML Filelink and upload your closed caption file. From there, preview your mix to ensure your closed captioning is presented as you intended. For detailed instructions, read our Knowledge Base article.

For more information on Office Mix in Education, head to this link!