New Zealand teacher featured on a Quick Tip video using Office Mix

We love seeing the fantastic things New Zealand teachers are doing with Microsoft technologies to improve learning outcomes on a daily basis. 

Rachel Chisnall is a teacher at Dunedin's Taieri College, and is a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert. Rachel has been using Office Mix extensively in her classroom to communicate key lessons to students in a fun and interactive way. As an MIE Expert, Rachel was able to travel to Redmond earlier this year to attend the E2 Global Educator Exchange. While in Redmond, Rachel collaborated with the U.S. Microsoft Education team to create a Quick Tip video on how to use Office Mix to create a virtual science experiment. 


Rachel's Quick Tip video demonstrates how teachers can use Office Mix to create assessments that incorporate pre-recorded science experiments and use a quiz to prompts students to predict what will happen next. The tutorial illustrates the steps to embed a virtual simulation into a PowerPoint slide using Office Mix, and how to add questions for formative assessment. The key benefit of Office Mix is that students can work through the lesson at their own pace and re-watch the lesson as many times as they need to ensure the content is understood. Knowledge tests and quizzes in Office Mix are a great way to authentically assess if students understand the science concepts being taught. 

For more Quick Tip videos on a range of topics, visit the Microsoft Educator Network and get started with free training and development lessons. 

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