OneNote in Education: Teachers using OneNote in the classroom

Take a look at how the teachers at Cary Academy in Cary, North Carolina, seamlessly integrate OneNote into their classrooms to elevate the education of students through presentation, organisation, and real-time collaboration with both students and other educators.


But what about a Kiwi school's experience? Shane Mann, physics and science teacher at Rathkeale College in Masterton, recently sent us a fantastic email sharing his experiences with OneNote in the classroom. We thought we'd share it with you!

"I have been using the tool with my Year 9 Science class for the past 5 weeks and it is fantastic. As a teacher, it is extremely easy to share content and monitor student progress. My students have not needed to use a pen and paper at all! The feedback from students is very positive. They are desperate to continue using the technology for the rest of the year and have found lessons to be far more interesting and engaging. In addition to this, I have found myself becoming more of a facilitator of learning helping the students to work through the content at their own pace.

During the trial I had most students using the original Surface Pro with the stylus pen. At the moment we have 70 of these devices that form 2 COW trollies and a number that are issued from the Library. This was by far the best device as it enabled students to complete the tasks while getting the most out of the technology without limits. The use of the pen was very popular and became a normal function of every lesson. We also had 2 iPad minis, 1 iPad, 1 Windows 8 laptop, 1 MacBook Air and a Samsung Galaxy tablet. All of these other devices had limits and were not as functional as the Surface Pros."

We are delighted to hear of Shane's positive and exciting experience with OneNote and Surface in the Classroom. Got a story like Shane's to share? Email us at

Want to learn more about how to set up OneNote in your classroom? Check out this awesome link - Getting Started with the OneNote Class Notebook Creator: A Walkthrough for Teachers.