Top Five Education Blog Posts Of 2018

Around this time last year, I published the top five education blog posts I made on this site which provided an easy way for readers to get insights into what was trending in education over the year. With 2018 almost completed, I thought I would do the same.


Explore Microsoft's Redmond Campus In Minecraft: Education Edition

Given this was only published in mid October, it may be somewhat surprising it came in as number one, however there are two very simple reasons for that. Firstly, Minecraft: Education Edition is hugely popular and secondly, this got picked up by The Verge and linked to in one of their blog posts. With their enormous readership, even a few click throughs were going to generate significant traffic!


Protect Critical Data With OneDrive Known Folder Move (KFM)

A slightly more technical post, it nevertheless resonated with IT Administrators working in education who wanted easier ways to protect the data of students and teachers. With this new feature in OneDrive, it allowed administrators to seamlessly collect and store in the Microsoft Cloud any documents teachers/students accidentally saved to locations like their desktop or pictures folders!


True Guest Access Comes To Microsoft Teams

Something that had been in the works for a while and keenly anticipated by many educators who wanted to do inter-school collaboration, the addition of genuine Guest Access into Teams was a game changer back in March. Unsurprisingly, therefore, when I blogged about this update people were keen to read more about how it worked and when they could implement it.


OneNote On Windows 10 - The One App For The Future

Coming in at Number Four: OneNote and the future of this awesome app. Published back in April this was really helpful in terms of learning the roadmap of OneNote and the emphasis that was going to be placed on the Windows 10 App over OneNote 2016. This informed many of the sessions I ran with schools and educators and also provided answers to the most common question “Which version of OneNote should I be using?”


Hybrid Cloud Printing Via AzureAD Is Here

Another slightly more technical post, but useful in education nevertheless. As many schools plan strategically to move their IT infrastructure from being on the school premises and into the cloud, having a cloud identity that supports printing is a crucial component.

In this blog post, I link to a video and official documentation to assist IT Administrators with understanding how they can configure and deploy cloud printing with Microsoft’s AzureAD services.

Final Thoughts For 2018

I published 43 blog posts on this site throughout 2018 and I am really pleased that readers are finding the content useful. Thanks to all those who commented and shared this content!