Use PowerShell To Manage Microsoft Teams





The above image may not mean much to many users, but to those responsible for ICT administration it will be very welcome – a way to use PowerShell to easily automate the deployment and management of Microsoft Teams.

The addition of 23 cmdlets in PowerShell to manage Teams was announced at the end of November in this official blog post, however there is a great technical “how to” guide that is worth reading here:

Microsoft Teams PowerShell Support

Some of the ideas from the blog post about how PowerShell can be used include:

  • Automatically provision new teams, new channels within the team, add members and set options such as a picture, and member permissions.
  • Create a self-service tool that uses PowerShell on the back-end to make creating teams easy for end-users but with controls for IT. For example, a user browses to a website form to create a team. PowerShell can check for a team that has a duplicate name, to ensure users aren’t creating teams with the same name. I see this as one simple example but is powerful when we start to think about governance we can provide to the business on Microsoft Teams.
  • If I need to add a large number of members to a team, using PowerShell I can add those members in bulk from a .csv
  • Standardize settings within each team that is created.

Schools can still use the Student Data Sync to populate Teams but may find PowerShell a more efficient way to do so.