Imagine Cup 2010 – One Beep to take on Poland



Stay Tuned, One Beep is coming to Poland!

More than 500 students descended at The University of Auckland Business School last Friday (30th April) for the final show down of the top 4 finalist software design teams in New Zealand. The rock concert atmosphere complete with celebrity MC Nick Dwyer, DJ Harn Hall and of course ‘bang bang’ sticks took the Imagine Cup NZ experience to new heights. Plus, Diane Holland, CEO of Massive Software who has been responsible for the spectacular battle scenes from Lord of the Rings to Avatar inspired students to take action and get involved with entrepreneurship. There was a real buzz in the air as supporters from far and wide came to witness this occasion.

Team OneBeep from the University of Auckland emerged as the victors following a series of 15-minute presentations before a seven-judge panel. Focusing on the One Laptop Per Child programme and its 1.4 Million deployed laptops, Team OneBeep have come up with an inexpensive and robust method to solve the problem of sending educational content to these laptops, which are sent out to impoverished schools and communities in areas of the world where there are no phone lines, let alone internet services.

Highlights from the largest Imagine Cup NZ Finals ever below or check out the VIDEO here:




More than 500+ students packed the Auckland University Business School auditorium

Each student was provided with a pair of ‘bang-bang’ sticks to show their support for their team



Celebrity MC Nick Dwyer from C4TV (local music channel)

Inspirational keynote speaker – Diane Holland motivating students to get involved



Panel of expert judges from industry, academia and local government

Judges deliberating winning team to travel to Poland



500+ students show their support for their favourite team on a Friday night!

The winner is announced and Team One Beep celebrates!



First Place: Team One Beep from University of Auckland

Second Place: Team Enpeda from University of Auckland



Third Place: Team eUtopia from University of Waikato

Fourth Place: Team Vital Link from University of Auckland