Eating our own Dogfood… interesting “unplugged” experience

I wanted to share an interesting experience I had yesterday.

I was presenting a Live Meeting for the Embedded MVPs , and went through the following:

- We moved into a new building and it seems someone accidentally cut the main line… so the wired Internet dropped for the whole building.
- I jumped on my laptop to use Wifi, but I upgraded my Unified Connectivity tools to Microsoft Lync 2010 Beta and for some reason (let me blame the Beta on this), Lync couldn’t connect to the Live Meeting 2007 meeting (apart from this little issue I have to tell I am really impressed by Lync by the way! This tool is really really really great!)
- I tried the web access for the meeting, but IE9 beta didn’t want to connected neither, even in compatibility mode… (once again IE 9 also really impressed me so far… still some issues to fix, but even in a beta stage I like it way more than previous IE versions and I am no longer considering any alternative browser…)
- Told to myself: let me call-in the old fashion way… so turning to my desk phone… to realize it is a VoIP phone running  Microsoft Lync Phone Edition Beta and therefore had no more connection (remember, no more wired connection). Ok, there still is the cell phone … but as I broke my HD 2 recently I am using my old Touch HD device which has a very crappy connection… not a reliable option.

I finally had to give up the idea of reconnecting to the Live Meeting…