ESC Boston presentations are online on MSDN

During ESC Boston, a full track of sessions were presented on Windows Embedded. You can now download them on the MSDN website. Here is the list of the sessions available. I am working on putting together the labs manuals and will make them available to you shortly. Stay tuned.

[EDIT] Links updated for XPS versions of the files

Introduction to Windows Embedded Standard and Roadmap
Come and learn about Windows Embedded Standard, the next release of Windows Embedded based on the Windows XP Professional code base.

Windows Embedded Standard- Developer Considerations From Image Inception To Deployment
So your boss has just given you a project to complete with Windows Embedded  Standard – how do you begin? Are you interested in learning  how to plan for supporting your images?

Using Write Filters to build reliable devices
Write Filters combined with other embedded enabling features are commonly used to implement stateless and semi-stateless devices.

Leveraging the Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) in an embedded Environment
This presentation will explore the creation of a mock UI application from scratch using WPF.  It will go over the basics of WPF, as well as touch on some more advanced topics such as animation and data binding. 

Windows Embedded Standard: Remote Debugging
This session will demonstrate remote debugging solutions for both native and managed applications in addition to kernel level debugging.  It will explore what debugging components are necessary on the target device and host environment and how to configure them for remote debugging.

Servicing devices and Integrating System Center Products with Windows Embedded Standard
My device is up and running in the field- now what? This session provides an overview of the various servicing options available to the embedded developer and the IT Professional administering the device.

Discover Windows Embedded CE technologies, tools and roadmaps
Windows Embedded CE is a componentized real time operating system enabling building a wide variety of devices. This session will give you a clear overview of what Windows Embedded CE is, and what it is heading to.

Deep Dive into the build process of Windows Embedded CE
This session will describe the build process and will bring you behind the scene of the graphical development tool.

Building Real time systems with Windows Embedded CE
Windows Embedded CE does support hard real time, and during this session you will learn how the OS manages hardware interruptions, and what tools developers can use to debug and test their real time applications. And of course this session would not be a real session without real demos!

Develop the next generation of Windows Embedded CE applications using Visual Studio and .Net or native code
This demo heavy breakout session walks you through and compare the process of writing a simple application using Win32, MFC and C# (Managed) for Windows Embedded CE 6.0. 

Debugging Windows Embedded CE kernel and applications
This session will show you real demos of some of these tools, and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions of developers using these tools daily. You will also be able to play with these tools in our Labs room. 

Building connected and distributed systems using Windows Embedded 
This session focuses on the underlying technologies and programming models used to allow devices to discover each other and exchange information.