Imagine Cup 2009 kick off

So yesterday was kick off day for Imagine Cup 2009 Egypt. We had the different DSC_1012briefings for judges and competitors and then buses picked up every single participant to bring them to the Citadel (see previous post) for the opening ceremony. Prior to the ceremony we were given the opportunity to visit the  Mohammad Ali Mosque. You can see on the pictures how amazing this place is on this slide show.

Our embedded judges enjoyed the visit :-)


From left to right: Professor James Hamblen (Georgia Tech), Thierry Joubert (Theoris), Samuel Phung (ICOP Technology).

DSC_1094We then had a really good opening ceremony in a fantastic location: outdoors on top of the Citadel. The speakers were really excellent and enthusiasts! As soon as  the video is online I'll edit the post to embed it.

Today is judging time. serious things begin!





DSC_1095 DSC_1091