Imagine Cup D-1, H-15: on the way to Cairo


I am in Paris airport waiting for my connection to Cairo, having a Perrier and a good croissant!



I will be judging the Embedded Development competition over there. I can't wait to see the projects the finalists will present. So if you don't know much about Imagine Cup , the software "Olympic Games" for students organized by Microsoft, I invite you to visit the Web site:

There are different competitions within Imagine Cup, and one of them is called Embedded Development. 400 teams (about 1000 individuals) from all around the world signed up for this part of Imagine Cup, creating some innovative project using Windows Embedded technologies to "change the world into a better place". After 2 rounds of selections where the competitors submitted papers and videos of their work, and received hardware to build the devices and embedded system they imagined, 20 teams are invited to Cairo for the finals.
I will be one of the judges they will present their projects too, along with Embedded experts from France, USA, Taiwan, Switzerland, India and Malaysia. The finalists are coming from 20 different countries such as India, Russia, Brasil, Mexico, France, . It will be really interesting to see what kind of ideas they came with. I already had a chance to judge some of the projects for round 2 and I can say that I was really impressed.

I will share what I see daily, so to see and learn more, stay tuned!