Imagine Cup Solve This

For those not up to date on Imagine Cup, this is a World Wide Student competition organized by Microsoft yearly. The theme of the competition is around using technology to help solving the toughest problems as defined by the United Nations in its Millennium Development Goals. The second biggest competition is Embedded Development consisting in using Windows Embedded technologies to build an innovative solution addressing one (or several) of the Millennium Development goals.

When considering entering the competition as a student, you might be asking yourself: what type of project could have a real-world impact? Which of the Millennium Goals should I try to address and how?

Well, you can leverage this great initiative from the Imagine Cup team: “Imagine Cup Solve This”. This program invites you to take on real-world problems submitted by IGOs ,NGOs and non-profits.

You have 40 days left to enter the Embedded Competition! Register quick!

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