Live from the Imagine Cup 2011 World Festival… And the winner is…

It has been a great week of competition here in New York. The Imagine Cup 2011 is almost over. Tonight is the announcement of the winners for the different competitions and awards. The energy in the room is crazy. All students have been singing and dancing on the last Black Eyed Peas tune, all together before the ceremony started.

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York city not only accepted to host the competition in his city, known to never sleep, but also came to talk to the students. He made an incredible presentation, very engaging and got a lot of laugh and cheering from the crowd!

This year has been an excellent “cru”. The quality of the projects presented has never been as high. The Embedded Development competition invited 20 teams from around the world. After a first round of selection, 15 teams got to face the judges for an intense session of Q&A. the best 6 projects have been selected for a final day of presentations, on stage, in front of the judges, the press, faculty members and other students,… The 6 teams who made it to the final round are the following:

  • Brazil, Embedded Brain
  • China, Harmonicare
  • France, Give Me 4
  • Romania, Endeavour_Design
  • Taiwan, NTHUCS
  • United Kingdom, Cycling into trees

All the teams engaged in the Embedded competition proposed to tackle problems such as diverse as child mortality, breath diseases, cancer, natural disaster situations, … with amazing projects based on the Windows Embedded Compact 7 platform, flying devices, robots, stem cells harvesting machines, advanced baby monitors, the next generation of building emergency exit signs…

Imagine Cup 2011

The Embedded competition received a great coverage, including some time with Steve Ballmer on CNN Live show!

The winners of the Embedded Development for the 2011 Imagine Cup Finals are:

#1 - Taiwan, NTHUCS
The Taiwanese team presented the next generation of building emergency exit signs, a solution based on sensors able to detect smoke and fire and adapting the emergency exit signs appropriately to avoid persons to follow static signs and move towards danger. In addition, to guide people in heavy smoke, the signs are showing the way with lasers… very impressive and complete solution… ready for product deployment!
#2 - China, Harmonicare
China came with a system allowing persons with breath diseases or respiratory problems to train their lungs having fun. The portable device allows them to make music without knowing music, blowing in a tube. The air flow is directed to the right parts of real harmonicas by the machine, based on different partitions. In addition, like in some video games, you have to breath at the pace of the music to gain points! Amazing
#3 - Romania, Endeavour_Design
The Romanian team have been working on a device that is able to learn about its environment. Aiming at reducing the mortality on the roads, they demonstrated the learning device mounted on a robot that was able to evolve in an unknown environment with obstacles without bumping into any of these… very impressive

Congratulations to all!!