MSDN Embedded subscription

There is a new MSDN subscription that could interest you. It is called MSDN Embedded. In this subscription you will get all the Windows Embedded tools (Windows Embedded Studio for Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Platform Builder for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, along with NavReady 2009 and POSReady 2009).

You can see in this chart the pricing. Note that Premium subscribers get the Embedded tools too.

And here is some more info about the MSDN Embedded subscription:


[EDIT] I was asked a couple of times if VS 2005 was included or not in the package as this is not explicit and the answer is yes. In the MSDN Embedded subscription, you get both VS 2008 and VS 2005, because both are required. VS 2008 for applications development and VS 2005 to build Windows Embedded CE 6 images as the Platform Builder plug-in is supported by VS 2005 only.