TechEd PRC12: Windows Embedded CE deep dive and future

TechEd 2009 North America will take place early may. 2 pre-conference will be presented about Windows Embedded technologies. Here are the details about the Windows Embedded CE one. Register now to get a chance to assist to this deep dive and futures pre-conference seminar.

Join us for a full-day, deep dive in to the technical aspects of developing with Windows Embedded CE, a real time, componentized OS designed to build small-foot print devices for consumer, industrial automation, and many other domains. The day’s sessions will include:

  • In-depth technical coverage of development topics such as debugging best practices or real-time mechanism.
  • What it takes to build a Board Support Package from the ground up and to bring a device from reference design to production.
  • A sneak peek into the future version of Windows Embedded CE features.

Here are the sessions titles and abstracts:

Debugging your applications and drivers for Windows Embedded CE: Windows Embedded CE is a Microsoft componentized and real time operating system. In this session you will learn how to use Visual Studio and its plug-in Platform Builder to debug applications and drivers on a Windows Embedded CE running target. After this session you will be able to implement the cross debugging functionality making embedded developers’ work much more efficient. You will also learn how to use Remote tools or how to test the performance of your device.

“The Schtick:”Solving Real-Time Challenges with Windows Embedded CE: In this session, we’ll use a hard real-time demo, “the Schtick,” to illustrate the capabilities of Windows Embedded CE as a hard real-time OS. We’ll walk through this tangible example of an inverse pendulum, from our development process in building it to an analysis of its mechanics in action, to clearly explain—and answer all of your questions—the real time scenario using CE.

From the Ground Up: BSP for Windows Embedded CE The Board Support Package (BSP) of a board is the set of drivers and OS low layers required to run Windows Embedded CE on a specific hardware. This session will explain what a BSP is and will deep dive into the process of building a BSP from the ground up. Presented by an expert in BSP development, this session will leave you equipped to create or enable the BSP you need for your next device.

Taking your Windows Embedded CE O/S design from reference design to production: Usually, in the development cycle of an embedded device lot of the work is done using reference design boards. For production there are important considerations to take care of like developing a bootloader, migrating some code to another hardware, avoid project failure with unforeseen dev/tests efforts, do performance tweaks. Presented by a well known professional of the Embedded domain, this session will bring you under the hood of all these considerations covering topics such as:

  • x86 bios bootloader
  • ARM bootloader
  • Debugging bootloader or KITL driver (JTAG or eXdi)?
  • Tips and gotchas to migrating to new h/w
  • Prepare before design phase - Avoid project failure with unforeseen development/test effort
  • Performance tweaks

Sneak peek into what's new for Windows Embedded Compact “Chelan”:

Windows Embedded Compact “Chelan” is the next full toolkit release, the successor to Windows Embedded CE 6.0. Be among the first to get to preview some of the brand new features.

Invariably the user interface is the DNA of a device and a key differentiator for an OEM.

Windows Embedded Compact will introduce the tools to enable developers, with the help of designers, to deliver really immersive user experiences quicker and easier than previously possible.