Windows Embedded CE 6 SDK not installing on Visual Studio 2008?

I am actually working on a set of demos for TechEd next week (I know these demos should be finished now!, but I'm sure I will get everything up and running by the end of this week ;-)).

I struggled a couple of hours on a problem: I generated a SDK for a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 image using the Platform Builder 6.0 Plug-in in Visual Studio 2005. I then tried to install that SDK in order to use it in Visual Studio 2008 to develop a Smart device application for my device (I know you can develop your application into Visual Studio 2005, but I am kind of a geek and I like to use the latest tools...). The problem was that the newly installed SDK didn't show up in Visual Studio 2008... After a long investigation, I found out this is a known issue. The workaround to get the SDK showing up in Visual Studio 2008 is to select "custom" installation mode during the installation wizard and to deselect the documentation installation. I guess this will be fixed in a next release!

Back to writing code for my demos.... :-)