Windows Embedded Compact 7 Advantages by Sam Phung

Sam Phung is VP at ICOP Technologies (a company creating embedded PCs), long time Windows Embedded expert, and founder of the Embedded101 community site. In an article on EECatalog, he presents what he thinks are the advantages of Windows Embedded Compact 7, the latest release of Windows CE.

After describing the platform and its main features, Sam spends a considerable part of the article describing the development environment and finishes with the following statement that I tend to agree with myself:

“Although the development environment is not able to increase the developer’s IQ and coding skill, an efficient and effective development environment can help an average developer deliver a good product and help an innovative developer deliver an extraordinary product. With 15+ years of continuous improvement and countless successful track records that span across multiple industries, Compact 7 provides amazing technologies and development platform to help you develop a new generation of embedded devices.”

You can read the full article here, and do not hesitate to share your feedback on this article here.