Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available!

We have ben talking about Windows Embedded Compact 7 for some time now, with several beta made available to the OEMs in the last months. Well, the product has now been released and is available to the public!image

This new version provides some great tools and features updates like new tools for developing Silverlight for Windows Embedded applications, SMP (Symmetric MultiProcessing) support, DLNA support, MTP support, … Microsoft has been investing more and more in the embedded space over the past 15 years and this will definitively not stop here.

In the videos below you will see D’Arcy Salzmann, senior product manager discussing Compact 7 features and benefits, and Beckhoff Industrial Automation illustrating their recent innovation utilizing Compact 7.


To learn more about Windows Embedded Compact 7, you can go check out this slide deck and the following technical content that has just been published:

You can also go download the eval version (fully functional) that provides a Virtual PC Board Support Package allowing you to do testing with Virtual devices.