Windows Embedded Compact 7 Update 3 available!

The Windows Embedded Compact team has been super busy lately and here is why: the third update to Windows Embedded Compact 7 has just been released. You can download it from here.

This update provides new tools, application updates and bug fixes for Windows Embedded Compact 7:

  • The Compact Test Kit (CTK) has two new tools: The Compact Automation Tool Solution (CATS) for automating test scenarios on Compact 7 devices and The Compact Stress Tool for automating stress tests on Compact 7 devices are included with this update.
  • Also included is new Silverlight for Windows Embedded (SWE) sample code for the Compact 7 Media Player. Previously provided only in binary format, the Media Player sample code is now included in source code and a previous dependency on the compositor in the sample code has been removed, improving performance across all hardware configurations.
  • Finally the update contains approximately 125 code defect fixes for the Compact 7 operating system, Platform Builder tools and the Compact Test Kit
  • A Documentation update will be released to MSDN to coincide with this release. It contains 72 significant Documentation fixes, updated documentation for the new CTK features and 4 new Whitepapers.