Windows Embedded Developer Update for WES 7 is available

You are a Windows Embedded Standard developer, building Windows Embedded kernels for various devices? Then you must face this common issue when developing: even if you feel you are using a great tools suite and can benefit from the OEM dedicated portal (ECE) to access all the Windows Embedded updates and new features, you still feel you miss something. You would like to have a tool that would monitor the development you are doing and that will push the updates to you. You would still be in full control of which update you really want to include in your tools/build, but you will spend less time searching through the ECE portal for the right updates.

This is what Windows Embedded Developer update is about. You will now get automatic notification, quick installation and seamless access to Windows Embedded updates into your development environment. You will be able to streamline the development process and stop wasting time at searching for updates and determining whether or not you should include a fix.

Let us know (commenting on this post for example) what you think of this service and what you would add to it if you think something important is missing.

If you are a Windows Embedded Compact (previously known as Windows CE and Windows Embedded CE) developer, don’t be disappointed, a version of WEDU for Windows Embedded Compact 7 is coming soon, stay tuned.

To learn more, check out this page and the Windows Embedded News Center.
To download WEDU for Windows Embedded Standard 7, go here.