Windows Embedded roadmap update!

The Windows Embedded teams have been working a lot lately on planning and starting executing on the next generation of products. Determined to deliver on the Intelligent Systems promise to extend enterprise software and cloud services to devices.

Today, several announcements were made. You can find the full press release here.

Here are the main things announced:

  • Windows Embedded Enterprise v.Next and Windows Embedded Standard v.Next will bring Windows 8 technologies to embedded devices.
  • Windows Embedded Enterprise v.Next, full Windows product licensed for embedded OEMs, will be available a quarter after Windows 8 general availability
  • Windows Embedded Standard v.Next will be a customizable and componentized version of Windows 8 will undergo a CTP for developers during the first quarter of 2012, and will be released 3 quarters after Windows 8 general availability. In addition it is confirmed that Windows Embedded Standard v.Next will support the ARM architecture
  • Not only there will be a Windows Embedded Compact v.Next will still be based on the CE core but it will also bring support for native application development in latest Visual Studio version.